Rosa Lacavalla

Italian photographer and visual artist

b. 1993, Barletta, Italy
currently based  in Bologna.

2017 / Photography Postgraduate Degree | Fine Arts Academy of Bologna, Italy
2017 / Masterclass Reportage, Giulio Di Sturco and Fulvio Bugani, Bangkok
2016 / Internship at Cesura, Pianello Val Tidone, Italy
2014-2015 / BA (Hons) Photography | Coventry University, UK
2014 / Art Graphic Bachelor Degree | Fine Arts Academy of Bologna, Italy

2021  Selected, FRESH EYES Talents of 2021, GUP Magazine, Amsterdam
            Finalist, Nera di Verzasca Prize, Verzasca Foto Festival, Switzerland 
            Selected, Camera Work 2021, Ravenna, Italy
2020 Selected, New Talents 2020, PEP-Photographic Exploration Project, Berlin
            Special mention, CDPzine, Castelnuovo Fotografia, Castelnuovo di Porto, Italy
            Selected, #pandeMY - Future in Construction-, FotoLimo festival, Cerbère, France
            Selected, We Are | Noi siamo, Église, Palermo, Italy
            Selected, Colectivo Equis, Mexico
            Selected, COVIDEO-19 NOTES, Undercurrent, Brooklyn, NY
2017 Selected, EyesOpen! Magazine, Issue #11 Generazioni, Italy
2016 Selected, Your Views, a film by Gillian Wearing, United Kingdom
2015 Finalist, Premio Monzuno per la fotografia, Italy
            Finalist, Siena International Photo Awards, Italy
            Runner up, World Nomads Competition, Australia
2014 Finalist, National Geographic Italia, Italy
2010 Mentioned Talent of the Future, TIF-Torneo Internazionale di Fotografia, Italy

2021  KULA Exhibition, Ecumene Project, online
             Camera Work - OFF 2021,  Ravenna, Italy
2020 New Talents 2020, PEP - Photographic Exploration Project, Berlin          
             Funzilla Expo 2020, Rome Pandemic Photozine Exhibition, Rome
            #pandeMY - Future in Construction-, FotoLimo festival, Cerbère, France
            CÁPSULA, a virtual exhibition platform by Colectivo Equis, Mexico, online
            COVIDEO-19 NOTES /A Living, Virtual Video Project, Undercurrent, Brooklyn, NY, online
2019 By the sea, we will breathe, Lishui Photo Festival, Lishui, China                
           By the sea, we will breathe, PIP Festival, Pingyao, China  
           #HOME / #CASA, Guagnano, Italy
2018 BORDERS: andare oltre se stessi, Lequile, Italy
2017 Maionese, Bologna, Italy   
2016 Il tradimento delle immagini, Bologna, Italy  
           Poesia/Poetica, Bologna, Italy   
           Your Views, Brighton Festival, Brighton, UK
           ImageNation 2016: Eyes on the World, Livorno, Italy
           I cieli in una stanza, Fotografia Europea, Reggio Emilia, Italy
           paSSaggio_9, Fotografia Europea - Circuito Off, Reggio Emilia, Italy
           Art-City White Night, in occasion of ArteFiera, Bologna, Italy
2015 Premio Monzuno per la Fotografia, Monzuno, Italy
           ExBt Exhibition - images of a province never born, Trani, Italy
           Collective Vision Degree Show, Coventry, United Kingdom
           Cello, Voice, Piano and Images, University of Chichester, UK
           ExBt Exhibition - images of a province never born, online
2014 Our Destination, Bologna, Italy

2020 KULA, a virtual KULA Ceremony curated by ECUMENE Residence

2020 Your Views during the pandemic, a film by Gillian Wearing, UK
2016 Your Views, a film by Gillian Wearing, UK

Fresh Eyes 2021, curated by GUP Magazine, with an introduction interview by Francesca Marani, Amsterdam, 2021
“Contro le onde” a dummy book by Rosa LacavallaPPR - Polish PhotoBook Review, 2021
Global Zoo — collective open call based photozine, curated by Zoopark Publishing and The Phooks, Berlin, 2021
Contemporary Bites Archive, Bite #16 by Rosa Lacavalla, Contemporary Matters, curated by Silvia Vannacci, Shanghai, 2021
Pep #8, New Talents 2020, catalogue of the exhibition curated by Bénédicte Blondeau and Rüdiger Lange, Berlin, 2020
Rosa Lacavalla and the magical ritual of inner growthC41 Magazine, 2020
WE ARE | NOI SIAMO, a publication curated and edited by Église, Palermo, 2020
SOBER. Magazine, Fourth Issue, UK, 2020
For Rosa Lacavalla the atmosphere is the key to understanding a place, C41 Magazine, 2020
COVIDEO-19 NOTES /A Living, Virtual Video Project, Undercurrent, Brooklyn, NY, 2020
Rosa Lacavalla observes infinite spaces, C41 Magazine, words by Alice De Santis, 2020
Postcartd from Quarantine, curated by Confetti Zine, 2020
Square Project, curated by Balloon project, 2020 
Corona Portrait Project, a project curated by Benjamin Mefford, 2020
Quarantine Zine, curated by Shari Diamond, New York, 2020
Notations 43.8Notations Project, curated by  Elfi Carle and Danja Burchard, 2020 1:1: 36: Contro le Onde, Edições Um Por Um, curated by Francisco Soares, João Coutinho, Filipa Rodrigues, 2019
DYS Zine - Issue 2: Climate Change, curated by Aimée McCallum and Chris Coatham, United Kingdom, 2019
New start from Lishui, Lishui Photography Festival 2019, curated by Ren Shunü, Lishui, China, 2019
Three Italian photographers tell the story of the blue sea, Lishui Photography Festival, curated by Li Haixu, 2019
Italian schools dating back to the Renaissance, take us to the Mediterranean, The Pingyao International Photography Festival, curated by Li Haixu, 2019
(RE)GENERATION:10 questions to Rosa Lacavalla, curated by Rosita Ronzini, Apuliart Contemporary, 2018
Anche a Bologna il fenomeno dell’arte “condominiale”: la “ricetta” di Maionese, by Guido Luciani, Juliet Art Magazine, 2017
EyesOpen! Magazine, Issue #11 Generazioni, curated by Barbara Silbe and Manuela Cigliutti, Milano, 2017
Fotografia Europea. La via Emilia. Strade, viaggi, confini, curated by Elio Grazioli, Walter Guadagnini, Silvana Editoriale, 2016
Premio Monzuno per la fotografia, curated by Paola Binante, Monzuno, 2015
Collective Vision, Degree Show, curated by Anthony Luvera, Coventry, 2015

2017 Masterclass in reportage, by Giulio Di Sturco and Fulvio Bugani, Bangkok
2016 Pro-Photographer, workshop by Paolo Marchetti, Bologna, Italy
            Il testo è un’immagine, workshop by Giuseppe De Mattia, Bologna, Italy 
            Workshop by Alessandro Calabrese, Bologna, Italy
           Speciale 18/25, workshop by Giorgio Barrera, Reggio Emilia, Italy 
            I mestieri del cinema: il fotografo di set, course by Philippe Antonello, Bologna, Italy
           Seeing Through Photographs, an online non-credit course authorized by MOMA 
2015 Reportage and storytelling, workshop by Federico Borella and Fulvio Bugani, Bologna, Italy
           Photography and non-formal education methods, Erasmus+ Youth Exchange, Calimanesti Caciulata, Romania 
          Professional Practice Portfolio, a series of lectures by photo-editor Rebecca McClelland, Coventry, UK
          Lectures by visual artist Emma CritchleyCoventry, UK
2014 Lectures by Daniel Campbell Blight and Kate McMillan, Coventry UK
           Lectures by Jason Scott Tilley e Niall McDiarmid, Coventry, UK
          #Phonar: Photography and Narrative, a series of lectures by Jonathan Worth, Coventry, UK
2013 Legatoria di Libri, workshop by Franco Antolini, Bologna, Italy
           Incisione su carta fatta a mano: elaborazione e stampa, by Marìa Reina Salas Alonso e Carlos Pérez-Serrano, Bologna, Italy
          Tipografia, composizione coi caratteri mobili, workshop by Franco Antolini, Bologna, Italy
          Intelaiatura dell’opera in carta, workshop by Franco Antolini, Bologna, Italy

2019 - 2021 / Teaching assistant in the Department of  Art Graphic, Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna
2019 - 2021 / Teaching photographic language and visual design / Teacher & Interview Coach at Associazione Internazionale Scambio dell'Arte Culturale, Bologna

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